Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty and Staff
Name & Title Office Phone Room
Assistant Professor of Moral Theology
314.256.8866 161
Thomas Barbarak
Business Manager
314.256.8886 117
George Boudreau, O.P.
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies and Director of Alumni
314.256.8801 208
Harry Byrne, O.P.
Emeritus Professor
314.256.8859 114

Jean deBlois, C.S.J.
Professor of Moral Theology, Director of the Master of Arts in Health Care Mission Program, and Co-Director of the Ashley-O'Rourke Center for Health Ministry Leadership

314.256.8874 111
Erin Hammond
314.256.8808 211
Dan Harris, C.M.
Associate Professor of Homiletics
314.256.8865 107
Greg Heille, O.P.
Vice President, Academic Dean and Professor of Homiletics
314.256.8881 122
Diane Henderson
Assistant to the Director of Institutional Advancement
314.256.8856 126

Paula Kaintz                                               
Assistant to the President

314.256.8850 116A
Director of Institutional Advancement
314.256.8858 125
Pam Law
Instructional Technology Assistant
314.256.8802 206D
Jan Lingua
Director of Communications and Director of Financial Aid
314.256.8807 206A
Marian Love, MAPS
Director of Lay Spiritual Formation
314.256.8883 131
Colleen Mallon, O.P.
Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, and Co-Director of the Ashley-O'Rourke Center for Health Ministry Leadership
314.256.8870 112
Rev. Seán C. Martin
314.256.8860 121
Fandal Fellow in Homiletics
314.256.8868 146
Dan Moore
Director of Instructional Technology
314.256.8878 168
Juliet Mousseau, R.S.C.J.
Associate Professor of Church History
314.256.8862 110
José Santiago, O.P.
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology
314.256.8852 113
Carla Mae Streeter, O.P.
Emeritus Professor
314.256.8882 132
Kevin Sweeney
Director of Student Services
314.256.8803 209
Kathleen Tehan
Librarian, Writing Coach
314.256.8809 217A
Assistant to the Academic Dean
314.256.8855 116B
Catherine Vincie, R.S.H.M.
Professor of Sacramental & Liturgical Theology
314.256.8880 134
Honora Werner, O.P.
Director of Doctor of Ministry Program
314.452.6617  145
David Werthmann
Director of Admissions
314.256.8806 210
Carolyn A. Wright
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology; Director of Field Education, and Director of MAPS-CGS
314.256.8879 133



“It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.”

- St. Francis of Assisi